The Policy Service page has been added to the BSMG website in order to provide an additional resource to our advisors. We have included contact phone numbers, fax numbers, and direct links to the agent websites for our carriers. This ensures that our advisors have direct access to the carriers 24/7. Please feel free to continue to contact the policy service department with any requests or questions.

Average Processing Times

*Please note these may vary depending on the carrier and complexity of the request

Life Insurance & LTC

Beneficiary & Ownership Changes: 5-10 Business Days
Collateral Assignment/Discharge of Assignment: 5-7 Business Days
EFT: 5-7 Business Days
Premium Changes: 3-5 Business Days
Address Change: 3-5 Business Days
Change of Trustee: 5-15 Business Days
Face Reduction: 5-10 Business Days
Face Increase: 4-6 Weeks
Reinstatements: 4-6 Weeks
Rate Improvement: 4-6 Weeks
Surrenders (Life Insurance): 5-15 Business Days
Duplicate Policy Request: 10-15 Business Days
In Force Illustrations: 3-10 Business Days
Interpolated Terminal Reserve Values: 7-21 Business Days
Death Claim: 7-15 Business Days
LTC Benefit Changes: 5-10 Business Days


Beneficiary & Ownership Changes: 5-10 Business Days
Address Change: 3-5 Business Days
Reallocations: 5-10 Business Days
RMDs: 5-7 Business Days
Withdrawals/Surrenders: 5-7 Business Days
Additional Deposits/Rollovers: 7-15 Business Days
Duplicate Policy Request: 10-15 Business Days
Death Claim: 7-15 Business Days

Customer Service Contact Information

*Click on the carrier name to expand for contact information.

Allianz Life

Life Insurance: 800-950-1962

Annuities: 800-950-5872

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number: 763-582-6006


Life Insurance: 800-525-9287

American General

Life Insurance: 877-200-0220

Annuities: 800-242-4079

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 713-831-3028

Fax Number Annuities: 713-620-3829

American National

Life Insurance: 800-899-6806

Annuities: 800-252-9546

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 409-621-7505

Fax Number Annuities: 409-766-2022


Annuities: 855-428-4363

Annuity Website

Fax Number: 866-709-3922

Email Address: submitcustomerdocs@athene.com


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Life Insurance: 800-924-6669

Life Website

Fax Number: 855-268-6378

Email Address: AXA-life-service@axa.us.com


Life Insurance: 800-638-8428

Life Website

Fax Number: 301-294-6960

Email Address: customerservice@bannerlife.com


Life Insurance: 877-638-0411

Long Term Care: 888-565-3761

Life Website

Fax Number Life: 908-655-9581

Email Address: Metdesk_ind_ba_warwick@metlife.com

Inforce Illustrations Email: ILIS@metlife.com

Delaware Life

Annuities: 877-253-2323

Annuity Website

Fax Number Annuities: 785-286-6118

Fidelity & Guaranty Life

Life Insurance: 888-513-8797

Annuities: 888-513-8797

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 402-328-2266

GBU Financial

Annuities: 800-765-4428

Annuity Website


Life Insurance: 888-325-5433

Annuities: 888-322-4629

Long Term Care: 888-325-5433

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 888-325-3299

Fax Number Annuities: 434-522-2904

Email Address Life: LifeCustomerService@genworth.com

Email Address Annuities: annuitycustomerservice@genworth.com

Great American

Annuities: 800-854-3649

Annuity Website

Fax Number: 800-482-8126


Life Insurance: 800-231-5453

Fax Number: 844-475-7019

Jackson National / CNA

Life Insurance: 800-437-8854

John Hancock

Life Insurance: 800-985-0000

Annuities: 800-334-4437

Long Term Care: 800-377-7311

Life Website

Fax Number Life: 617-572-1571

Fax Number Annuities: 617-663-3160

Email Address: EPService@JHancock.com

Lafayette Life

Life Insurance: 800-443-8793

Lincoln Benefit

Life Insurance: 844-768-6777

Annuities: 800-643-8190

Long Term Care: 888-503-8110

Fax Number Life: 844-660-4761

Fax Number Annuities: 402-328-6131

Lincoln National

Life Insurance: 800-238-6252

Annuities: 800-331-6581

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 800-819-1987

Fax Number Annuities: 336-335-2656

Email Address Life: CustServSupportTeam@LFG.com

Mass Mutual

Life Insurance: 800-767-1000

Life Website

Fax Number: 413-744-6005

MetLife of CT

Life Insurance: 800-344-4298

Midland National

Life Insurance: 800-843-3316

Fax Number: 877-208-6136


Life Insurance: 800-487-6669

Fax Number: 866-505-0253

Mutual of Omaha

Long Term Care: 877-894-2478

Life, Long Term Care & DI Website

National Western

Annuities: 800-922-9422


Life Insurance: 800-543-3747

Life & Long Term Care Website

New York Life

Life Insurance: 800-695-4336

Annuities: 800-762-6212

Life Website

Annuity Website

Fax Number Annuities: 508-599-6109

North American

Life Insurance: 877-872-0757

Annuities: 866-316-0309

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 605-335-3621

Fax Number Annuities: 866-322-7071

Email Address Annuities: ac@sfgmembers.com

Pacific Life

Life Insurance: 800-800-7646

Penn Mutual

Life Insurance: 800-523-0650

Life Website


Life Insurance: 800-654-4278

Annuities: 800-852-4450

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 866-885-0390

Fax Number Annuities: 866-894-2087

Email Address Life: IndLifeService@exchange.principal.com


Life Insurance: 800-366-9378

Annuities: 800-456-6330

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 205-268-3402

Email Address Life: ladphs@protective.com


Life Insurance: 800-782-5356

Long Term Care: 800-732-0416

Life Website

Fax Number Life: 215-784-3624


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Life Insurance: 800-694-7254

Annuities: 800-694-7254

Life Website

Fax Number Life: 781-994-4240

Fax Number Annuities: 781-994-4240

Securian/Minnesota Life

Life Insurance: 888-413-7860

Life & Long Term Care Website

State Life/OneAmerica

Life Insurance: 800-275-5101

Long Term Care Website

Sun Life

Annuities: 800-367-3653

Sun Life (Term)

Life Insurance: 877-431-7379

Fax Number: 888-863-8311

Sun Life (UL)

Life Insurance: 800-862-6266

Fax Number: 888-863-8311


Life Insurance: 800-796-3872

Life Website

Fax Number: 866-532-1361

The Standard

Annuities: 800-247-6888

Annuity Website

Fax Number: 800-378-4570


Life Insurance: 800-852-4678

Annuities: 800-821-9090

Long Term Care: 800-227-3740

Life Website

Long Term Care Website

Fax Number Life: 800-297-9120

Email Address Life: tii.customerservice@transamerica.com

United of Omaha

Life Insurance: 800-775-6000

Annuities: 800-488-7566

Fax Number Life: 402-997-1906

US Financial

Life Insurance: 800-959-3894

Fax Number Life: 315-477-2828


Life Insurance: 877-882-5050

Life & Annuity Website

Fax Number Life: 877-788-6308

Fax Number Annuities: 515-698-2001

Email Address Life: liferequest@voya.com

Western National

Annuities: 800-424-4990

Long Term Care: 800-851-9777

Fax Number Annuities: 806-342-1703

Western Reserve

Life Insurance: 800-238-4302

William Penn

Life Insurance: 800-346-4773

Life Website

Fax Number: 516-229-3081


Life Insurance: 888-634-6780

Life Website