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What are Linked Benefit Products?

A base product such as life insurance or an annuity with a “rider” that provides long term care benefits if needed.
    •   Provides multiple benefits, paying out the first benefit as needed
    •   Qualified long term care costs are reimbursed
    •   Reimbursements intended to be income tax-free

If you could take $1.00 and make it worth more for your client wouldn’t you?

Linked Benefit Products

  •   Make your client’s money work harder; leveraging each dollar up to 3 to 5 times in the event of an extended care need
  •   Provide a Death Benefit to beneficiaries if your client doesn’t use all the money
  •   Keep clients in control of their assets; A money back guarantee*
  •   Offers a smart way to help protect existing assets from an extended care event

*Through the Return of Premium Rider on single premium and certain flexible premium universal life policies.

The Facts About Extended Care

    •   70% of Americans age 65 or older will need it temporarily
    •   The cost of care is high and increasing
    •   The average duration of a claim is 4.2 years
    •   75% of claims start at home


  • *National median annual costs:
  • Assisted Living Facility (ALF) = $42,000
  • Semi-private room in a nursing home = $77,380
  • Home health aid (8 hrs/day, 5 days per week) = $41,600
  • Adult daycare (5 days per week) = $16,900

If Your Client Needed Extended Care Today, Which Asset Would They Use First?

Your financial strategy is not complete without extended care planning.
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