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Strategies to maximize your clients income

Retirement Income…Â Annuities are born for this!

The biggest issue in retirement today is income – more specifically not running out of it. We have an incredible case design capability to help you develop the best income solution for your clients. We understand the nuances of virtually every annuity product available. When new products are released we conduct research on your behalf so we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Market volatility continues to shift the risk tolerance of retirees downward. For the average 65 year-old, annuities can create a guaranteed stream of income of 6% or more over a lifetime.

These income solutions come in two basic forms:

  • Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit “Riders”

    Offered for a fee on FIAs and variable annuities, these riders produce income that clients cannot outlive and allow them to retain control of their principal. Our research shows that for a given client today, FIAs produce 15-25% more guaranteed income (depending on the age and income start date) than variable annuities with similar riders.

  • SPIA & DIAs

    These vehicles “annuitize” a client deposit, or convert it from an asset into a pure income stream that commences immediately or at a future date.

Why Talk to Your Clients About Retirement?


of Clients Switch Advisors at Retirement


of Clients Want a Retirement Income Plan, Only 25% Have Received It.


of Clients Who Received a Retirement Income Plan Moved Their Assets to That Advisor

Finding Clients with Optimal Guaranteed Income Solution

To understand how an Indexed Annuity will provide more guaranteed income than any other solution, consider the hypothetical example in this video case study with Jesse Greenberg, Vice President, Sales.


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