GPS 2020 Video Presentations

BSMG’s Growth & Protection Summit 2020 was designed to give you unprecedented access to a variety of national experts covering the pandemic, the economy, our industry, and practice management.  The GPS 2020 Summit featured the following speakers: General John F. Kelly, Dr. Megan Ranney, Moshe Milevsky, Bobby Samuelson, and Philip Blancato. Below are video presentations from the GPS 2020 event. 

General John F. Kelly

“Perspectives on America”

General John F. Kelly discusses his unique perspective on leadership and service to the community in America today. He highlights and gives you an inside look at his incredible career as:

  • 4 Star General in the US Marine Corps, Commander of United States Southern Command
  • 5th Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
  • 28th White House Chief of Staff

Dr. Megan L. Ranney

“Covid-19: How Best to Respond & What Comes Next”

Dr. Ranney provides you with knowledge on Covid-19 from the perspective of an emergency medicine physician and public health expert.

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Dean of Brown Institute for Translational Sciences, Director of Brown Institute for Translational Sciences, Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy, and Practice. Megan Ranney MD MPH is a practicing emergency physician and researcher, focusing on the intersection between digital health, violence prevention, and public health.

Bobby Samuelson

“The Brave New World of Life Products”

Bobby dissects some of the most popular life insurance products to give you a better perspective on the industry and opportunities lurking in your client’s life insurance portfolios.

Bobby is the Editor of The Life Product Review. He is a frequent keynote speaker at industry and corporate conferences and has authored and co-authored articles for publications such as Trusts & Estates and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Bobby is also the president of Life Innovators, an independent life and annuity product development company.

Moshe A. Milevsky

“Annuities for a Biological Age”

Moshe’s presentation covers the concept of numerical age vs. biological age and the use of annuities in that context. Moshe will help you develop ideas on how to use annuities to help your clients reach their retirement goals.

Moshe is considered to be the industry’s foremost speaker on longevity, retirement income, and the optimal use of annuities. He has delivered over 1,000 presentations on this topic, all over the world.

Philip Blancato

“Market Update”

Philip’s presentation highlights strengths and weaknesses in the markets with consideration to Covid-19 and potential opportunities and threats to your portfolio.

Philip Blancato is the CEO and President of Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management and Chairman of the Ladenburg Investment Policy Committee. Philip has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, appeared on CNBC, and often speaks at industry conferences on topics such as investment management, portfolio risks, and diversification, and alternative investments.