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Below you will find a comprehensive page that includes updates and important content from us, our carrier partners, and other experts in our industry. It’s important that you have access to the most up-to-date, trusted information from a variety of sources. We will continually filter, organize, and sort this information for you. We have created grids to summarize key topics across Carriers as well.

This page is being updated in real-time, every day.

Doing Business Digitally
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BSMG is equipped with e-capabilities, including electronic application submission and e-policy delivery which is crucial at this time. 

Vive – All of your Term business is 100% paperless. It’s easy to quote, compare, and submit a Term insurance order in just 5 minutes. Vive automatically provides direct access to each carrier’s accelerated underwriting (AU) process – no exams, no blood, and no medical records required. Check it Out


Today’s Critical Updates

    1. NATIONWIDE – CareMatters II – Re-Price

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    BSMG – Frank Assessment
    Part 2 Prostate Cancer

    General Updates

    4/14/20 Message from Jason Lea, CEO
    3/17/20 Message From Jason Lea, CEO
    3/25/20 How to Use Video Conferencing

    Underwriting & New Business

    7/29/20 LIBRA AU with Carriers Accelerated Underwriting Summary
    6/25/20 Carrier Processing Delays
    6/15/20 Annuity Policy Mailings by Carrier
    4/22/20 Exam Updates
    4/22/20 AU Carrier Links, E-Options & Premium Info
    4/22/20 E-Platforms
    4/16/20 Underwriting Updates
    4/8/20 Premium Options

    Life Insurance

    3/30/20 Vive – The Time is Now


    4/1/20 Building Confidence in Times of Crisis
    3/24/20 Athene Protect and Grow your Clients Assets

    Long Term Care

    3/30/20 Minimize Risk With Linked Benefit Solutions

    Industry Updates

    4/29/20 ExamOne Antibody Test Available Soon for Life Insurers
    4/13/20 AALU COVID-19 Action Center
    4/10/20 NY State Covid19 Website
    4/10/20 NY State – Guidance to Insurance Producers Regarding Electronic Delivery of Notices Pursuant to New 11 NYCRR § 229.5(b) and 3 NYCRR § 405.6(b)(4)
    4/10/20 NY State – Model Producer Notice
    3/25/20 Navigating the Crisis with AALU

    Industry Articles

    3/24/20 Tips For Communicating With Clients During COVID-19 Crisis
    3/25/20 Make working from home work for you — and your clients

    Materials to Use With Clients

    Carrier Material

    4/3/20 Prudential – Preparing for the Client Interview Guide
    4/3/20 Saigcor Sell with Social Distance
    4/1/20 American General’s Retire Stronger Website
    4/1/20 Lincoln Building Confidence in Times of Crisis
    4/1/20 The Standard: What’s the Cost of Waiting for Rates to Rise?
    4/1/20 The Standard: Staying Strong Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Industry Materials

    4/2/20 Life Happens Website

    American General

    6/17/20 Increasing premium cap limitations on GUL and Platinum Choice VUL
    5/18/20 A little unsure about SECURE?
    5/11/20 Rates Increase Secure Lifetime GUL 3
    5/11/20 Platinum Choice VUL 2 Premium Increase
    5/11 20 CARES Act and AIG Suitability Guides Now Available
    5/7/20 Easing Temporary Restrictions on Foreign Nationals
    5/4/20 New Select-a-Term Rates
    4/29/20 Connections Update
    4/22/20 Show clients the full IUL Story
    4/8/20 Announces Age-Based Underwriting Class Restrictions
    4/7/20 In the Know, COVID19 FAQ, Update Resource Page and More
    4/1/20 Retire Stronger

    American National

    5/14/20 Update to the foreign travel question within ExpertApp life applications.
    4/21/20  Accelerated Benefit Rider to Address COVID-19
    4/13/20 COVID-19 FAQS
    4/8/20 Temporarily Expanding Acceleration Criteria
    4/1/20 Accelerated Underwriting Guide


    5/19/20 Guide For Doing Business During COVID-19

    AXA Equitable

    6/15/20 New Version of LTC Services Rider (LTCSR) available for sale with VUL Legacy
    6/10/20 VUL Legacy
    5/21/20 Resources for Navigating Today’s Market
    5/13/20 Limiting 1st Year Premium, Face Amt, & Max Rating Based on Age
    4/23/20 COVID 19 Update Page
    4/14/20 Important Update
    4/1/20 Streamlined Underwriting Program


    5/7/20 Important Update for NY/NJ Policyholders Impacted by COVID-19
    4/1/20 Covid-19 Update

    Global Atlantic

    4/16/20 Postponing All Applications Age 70 or Older

    Great American

    4/8/20 Keeps Business Moving with E-App
    4/6/20 Rates Are Increasing!
    4/1/20 Annuity Group – Message from the President
    4/1/20 Business Update

    John Hancock

    6/15/20 Introducing Accumulation Survivorship VUL
    6/8/20 Leverage the standout value of Protection UL’s flexibility 
    6/4/20 John Hancock has begun lifting some Underwriting Restrictions at ages 80-90.

    • John Hancock lifting the restriction and proceeding to finalize offers on clients ages 80-90 at Standard or better risks, effective immediately.
    • Truly Standard or better risks only.  No concessions, and no waiving of requirements.  John Hancock underwriting will be managing very closely. Regular age and amount requirements apply.
    • Special class ratings will continue to be “postponed”, no ETA on when they will consider special risk pricing at these ages.

    For more information or questions, please contact your BSMG Life Sales representative.

    4/27/20 Policy Crediting Rate and Indexed Parameter Changes
    4/13/20 Advanced Markets Central Intelligence
    4/13/20 Providing Security in Times of Uncertainty
    4/8/20 Applications for Individuals Older Than 80 Postponed Until Further Notice
    4/8/20 Human API Now Available
    4/2/20 Covid-19 Update
    4/2/20 Ways to Submit

    Legal & General

    6/16/20 Marketing Tool Kit
    6/10/20 LEGAL & GENERAL- Lower Monthly Modal Factor and New Term Rates
    5/18/20 New TIAA, Exam Substitutions and Digital Application
    4/8/20 New Temporary Underwriting Guidelines in Response to COVID-19
    4/8/20 COVID-19: Response Update
    4/1/20 Underwriting Changes
    4/1/20 Covid-19 Response Update


    7/16/20 Pricing Update LifeGuarantee SUL
    6/15/20 Significant Price Increase on MoneyGuard III With Short Transition Period
    5/11/20 Pricing Update VULONE and SVULONE
    5/7/20 Webinar Building Confidence in Times of Crisis
    4/29/20 Life Insurance Conversation Guide
    4/24/20 Work From Home With Lincoln
    4/15/20 MoneyGuard COVID-19 Underwriting Update
    4/13/20 COVID-19 Adjustment Significant Changes
    4/7/20 MoneyGuard Solutions Resource Library
    4/3/20 i4LIFE Indexed Advantage with GIB Closing to New Sales
    4/3/20 Lifetime Income Edge 2.0 Suspended for New Sales
    4/3/20 Lincoln OptiBlend Fixed Indexed Annuity Product Update

    Mutual of Omaha

    6/16/20 Cost of Care Calculator
    6/10/20 Express Weekly Update
    4/29/20 Express Weekly Update
    4/28/20 Increased Limits for Accelerated Underwriting
    4/16/20 Not Accepting LTC Apps for Individuals Age 65+
    4/15/20 Temporary Changes to UW Guidelines
    4/9/20 Life Underwriting Updates Effective Immediately
    4/1/20 Express Weekly Update
    3/19/20 Submission via Email process guidelines
    3/19/20 Speed eTicket flyer
    3/19/20 Accelerated Underwriting flyer
    3/19/20 Paper Application Submission via Email process guidelines flyer


    12/09/20 Care Matters II Re-Price
    5/5/20 CareMatters II Product Update
    4/8/20 Temporary Life Insurance Underwriting Adjustments for COVID-19
    4/2/20 Life Insurance Product Changes
    4/2/20 Service Update

    North American

    7/16/20 Upcoming Premium Limit Changes
    6/19/20 Increasing spread rate on few IUL contracts.
    6/8/20 Important Rate Announcement Decrease on Guarantee Choice 7 product, effective 6/16. Increase on Guarantee Choice 3 product, effective 6/16.
    5/21/20 Repricing GUL and Protection Builder IUL with PGR
    4/23/20 Premium Limit on Inforce CVAT Policies
    4/22/20 Understanding the CARES Act Impact
    4/9/20 Increased Premium Limits for IUL Products
    4/9/20 Digital Business Has its Advantages
    4/1/20 Times Like These
    4/1/20 Covid19 Update
    4/1/20 Volatility Microsite
    4/1/20 Letter from President
    3/24/20 Additional Changes

    NY Life

    4/29/20 Extended premium repayment period and COVID-19 Hardship Program provide further flexibility for policy owners
    4/21/20 AD 119 Chronic Care Rider and AD 119 Return of Premium Rider Update
    4/15/20  In Force Policy Service, Extending Grace Period to 90 days


    4/7/20 Key changes to Annuity Care II Continuation of Benefits Launching April 25
    4/6/20 Underwriting Impacts of COVID-19

    Pacific Life

    6/13/20 Further Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions on GUL and Term
    5/21/20 Field News for Financial Professionals
    5/7/20 New Jersey COVID-19 Disaster Relief
    5/5/20 Easing Covid-19 Restrictions on GUL
    4/29/20 Enhancements to Pacific Life’s Underwriting Requirements
    4/15/20 COVID-19 Disaster Relief
    4/7/20 Limiting Coverage for Individuals Age 71 or Older

    Penn Mutual

    6/17/20 Rolling Back Several Temporary Underwriting & New Business Restrictions
    4/9/20 Postponing Apps Over Age 70 & Some Rated Cases + Important Suspensions


    7/29/20 Informals the Required Minimum Face Amount for an Application is Now $3 Million
    7/29/20 Term With Face of $500k or Less Must be Submitted via Drop Ticket
    7/22/20 Update on Temporary Adjustments Underwriting Guidelines
    6/26/20 Extending the COVID-19 Temporary Guidelines Through July 31st
    6/8/20 New Premium Rates Effective 6/8 UL Protector VSM & SUL Protector IIISM
    5/26/20 Extending Temporary Covid-19 guidelines for Individual DI Coverage to 7/31
    5/22 Significant pricing increase on GUL and Survivorship UL products
    5/12/20 Online medical record sharing through Human API
    5/7/20 New Business & Underwriting Operation
    5/5/20 Has partnered with Human API to Make it Easier to Get Life Cases Issued
    5/4/20 News and Resources
    4/29/20 CARES Act Impacts to IRAs and Annuity Guidelines
    4/24/20 COVID Update Page
    4/21/20 Effective Immediately Not Accepting Applications Over Age 80
    4/13/20 Important Underwriting Changes Regarding Rate Classes
    4/1/20 Insurance coverage and COVID-19


      6/26/20 More Products with Accelerated Underwriting
      6/2/20 Important Update NY Reg 216 Extension
      5/29/20 The steps being taken in response to provisions in the CARES Act that waive RMDs.
      5/28/20 Lower Rates & Higher Max Issue Ages Available With Classic Choice
      5/18/20 Classic Choice Term New Lower Rates & Higher Maximum Issue Ages
      5/5/20 Introducing Lifetime Assurance UL
      4/23/20 COVID 19 Update
      4/22/20 Introducing Lifetime Assurance UL
      4/20/20 Protective Classic Choice Term Now Has 35 & 40 Year Term Period
      4/15/20 Temporary Changes to Life Insurance Underwriting Guidelines
      4/10/20 Important Regulatory and Compliance Update, Producer Notice Obligations
      4/1/20 Covid-19 Resource Center


      7/6/20 New Sales of PruLife Universal Protector are Suspended
      7/6/20 Retention Limit Changes Effective Immediately
      6/25/20 PRUDENTIAL – Removing Premium Restrictions & Reducing the Fixed Account Rate and Caps on their Founders Plus IUL and Essential UL Contracts
      6/16/20 Adding Survivorship Benefit Access Rider to SVUL Contract & Adding Term 30 Back on 7/20
      5/21/20 Response to COVID-19
      5/19/20 June 2020 Index Account Changes
      5/19/20 Pru Life Essentials
      5/19/20 COVID–19 New Jersey Notification
      5/12/20 LifeInsight’s New Investment Feature, & the Addition of PruLife Universal Protector
      4/28/20 Pru Life Essentials
      4/22/20 PruLife UL Protector Is Being Repriced
      4/14/20 eCapabilities – Overview and Response – COVID-19
      4/14/20 Life Essentials
      4/6/20 Prudential Update
      4/5/20 Preparing for the Client Interview Guide
      4/3/20 Important Individual Life Portfolio Updates
      4/1/20 LifeInsight Market Volatility Communication
      4/1/20 Underwriting Procedures
      4/1/20 Covid-19 Updates
      4/1/20 Covid-19 Updates for Individuals
      3/31/20 Index Account Changes
      3/30/20 Service Update
      3/17/20 E-Delivery
      3/17/20 E-Interview
      3/17/20 E-Capabilities


      4/14/20 Accelewriting


      6/15/20 Significant Price Increase on SecureCare
      6/3/20 COVID-19 Participation Guidelines to Extended to 9/15
      6/1/20 ePolicy Delivery Now Available for SecureCare
      5/5/20 Changes to Indexed Life Portfolio
      5/4/20 Survivorship IUL is Back
      4/17/20 WriteFit Underwriting Available Exclusively Through eApp
      4/14/20 Reduced Cap Rates & Participation Rates on VUL Products
      4/14/20 Life insurance grace period extension
      4/10/20 Effective Immediately Not Accepting SecureCare and UL Apps Over Age 70
      4/9/20 New Dynamic eApp
      4/1/20 E-Application
      4/1/20 E-Policy Delivery
      4/1/20 Drop Ticket 
      4/1/20 DocuSign FAQ
      4/1/20 WriteFit and WriteFit Express


      8/5/20 SYMETRA – Accumulator IUL: Index Cap & Participation Rate Changes Effective 9/14/20
      6/16/20 Human API: A faster way to obtain health records
      6/8/20 Life insurance for high-net-worth foreign nationals
      5/28/20 Update to Accelerated Underwriting Program
      4/20/20 Repricing GUL, To Secure Current Pricing Apps Needed in Home Office by 5/1
      4/15/20 Temporary Changes to UW Guidelines
      4/10/20 Accelerated UW Changes
      4/8/20 Adobe Sign to Fast-Track Business Placement
      4/7/20 Enhanced IUL Extra Coverage Program

      The Standard

      6/19/20 New Jersey, Minnesota and Oklahoma join Washington for a 10-day free-look period available on restricted SPIAs intended for Medicaid purposes.
      4/7/20 Annuity Rate Increase


      5/7/20 Lifetime Offers More on Cases Above $100K
      4/29/20 Updated Covid-19 Underwriting Guidelines
      4/8/20 COVID19 Underwriting Update


      7/16/20 Reducing caps on IUL portfolio in August
      4/14/20 Survivor IUL Now Available