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Creating an Inherited IRA Legacy Plan with Life Insurance Funded by After-Tax Distributions

With the recovery of the equities markets after the economic downturn of 2008-2009, it is common for successful business owners, professionals, and other individuals to have more than $1,000,000 in their IRA account. Many of these IRA owners have multiple sources of income as they approach their retirement years. These sources could include continued earned […]

Family Limited Parterships vs. ILITs: Choosing Which Entity To Own Life Insurance

The popularity of the irrevocable life insurance trust is well documented. Billions of dollars have been gifted by estate owners to single life and survivorship life irrevocable trusts to help fund the payment of federal estate taxes. Yet, a number of disadvantages revolving around lack of flexibility and lack of control discourage the use of […]

Section 1035 Exchange Of A Life Insurance Policy With Loans

IRC Section 1035 allows Tax Free Exchanges of life insurance policies in a gain position (i.e. gross cash value greater than adjusted cost basis) so that cash values can be easily transferred to more financially efficient policies.  Sometimes greater death benefit and/or lower premium can result from the exchange in addition to desirable contract guarantees. […]

John Hancock IUL Product Update

John Hancock announces rolling targets that will deliver an extra boost to compensation for its Accumulation IUL, Protection IUL, and Protection SIUL products.

Inherited NQ Annuity Reference Sheet

DEATH OF HOLDER (OWNER) OF NON-QUALIFIED (NQ) ANNUITY IRC Section 72(s) … “Inherited” NQ Annuity A)    Spouse Designated Beneficiary … Distribution Options at Death 1.      5 year rule (includes lump sum) … IRC Section 72(s)(1) 2.      Life expectancy rule (Annuitized distribution must start no later than        1 year after the date of death of the […]

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Chairman and Founder Wins Philanthropy Award

PROVIDENCE, RI – Brokers’ Service Marketing Group congratulates Chairman and Founder, David B Lea Jr. and his wife, Pat Lea, on receiving the Philanthropy Partner of the Year Award from Child and Family.   Child & Family is the largest and most comprehensive social service provider in Newport County, and one of the largest in […]