Giving you what you need to focus on providing benefits for your business and estate planning clients.

BSMG’s advanced sales and life insurance planning team will guide you through the complexities of financial, legal, tax and estate planning concepts. We will help you analyze your client’s financial position, assess their needs and offer the best possible solutions.

We understand that each case is unique and that you may need a “secret weapon” to better handle complex situations. Our team of experts are available and ready to help.

BSMG helps me write more business because they are creative. They are creative thinkers and they understand tax law and financial planning. It’s not just about insurance and insurance products, they understand what the end use of the product is.

We routinely work with the client’s team of advisors – Family Offices, Estate Planners, CPAs, Financial Advisor, Wealth Managers, Trust Officers and Attorneys – to get the best possible results for families and business owners.


Advanced Markets & Sales Solutions

It is imperative for business owners to plan ahead for the continuation of their companies beyond their own death. Unfortunately, the reality is the majority of business owners fail to develop a written succession plan. As a result, many companies do not survive to the next generation.

BSMG can work with you to put together an insurance funded business continuation plan for your client that will ensure a successful transition; making it clear who will receive the business, what the purchase price is, what the terms of payment are; and also establishes a price for estate tax purposes.

For your high net-worth clients, there are a number of “deferred” gifting techniques that can produce mutually beneficial outcomes. Your clients can feel good about contributing to a charity of their choice, while also receiving income and estate tax benefits. Popular options available:

  1. Charitable gift annuities;
  2. Charitable remainder trusts; and
  3. Charitable lead annuity trusts.

This is an excellent opportunity to use life insurance and annuities to meet your clients’ personal as well as charitable objectives. Use BSMG as a resource to help you put together tax and financial recommendations based on your client’s legacy goals.

Without proper planning federal estate taxes, state death taxes and settlement costs can decimate a lifetime of accumulated wealth.

In case you didn’t know, estate planning is recommended for married couples with a gross estate of $2 million or more and any single person with a gross estate of $1 million or more. US millionaire households are approaching 9 million (with even more being minted every day).  Chances are high that you have clients who could benefit from a carefully designed and updated estate plan.

In your role, your goal is to maximize the value of your clients’ estates and minimize their estate taxes. With our advanced knowledge, consultative expertise and case management systems we can help you put together the best solution.

Providing selective non-qualified benefit plans for key employees can cement the loyalty of top executives. These benefits can be in the form of special tax-favored plans such as; cash accumulation life insurance, tax deferred annuities or tax-free long-term care benefits.

Business owners can also provide select benefit plans for themselves without having to cover rank and file employees.

Helping your clients plan for retirement is a complex undertaking involving a thorough knowledge of their financial means and aspirations.  The countless funding options available today can be overwhelming – even to the most seasoned financial service professional. We are positioned to help you analyze your client’s assets, assess their needs, and offer the best solutions.

Retirement portfolios can be enhanced with plans that include qualified and non-qualified financial vehicles such as annuities and cash-value life insurance policies.

Marketing retirement planning is a very different conversation with clients who are looking for a employer-sponsored retirement plan versus an individual looking for the most tax-efficient retirement plan. BSMG can work with you to help you guide your clients into their golden years.

Advanced Life Insurance Planning Team

BSMG is a pioneer in the Advanced Markets field, hiring our first in-house attorney in 1988. Since then, we have built a reputation as a thought leader with over one-hundred technical articles published and educational seminars delivered nationwide. For over 25 years, we’ve worked on some of the largest taxable estates in the country and we are proud to be a leader in this market.