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What are the 3 enterprise architectures?

Collaboration, Data Center/Virtualization, Borderless Networks

(new) Cisco Design Lifecycle

Plan, build, manage (PBM)

PBM - Plan phase

Strategy and Analysis, Assessment, Design

PBM - Build phase

Validation, Deployment, and Migration

PBM - Manage phase

Product Support, Solution Support, Optimization, and Operations Management

(historical) Cisco Design Lifecycle

Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize (PPDIOO)

PPDIOO - Prepare

Establishes organization and business requirements, develops a network strategy, and proposes a high-level architecture


Identifies the network requirements by characterizing and assessing the network as well as performing a gap analysis

PPDIOO - Design

Provides high availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance

PPDIOO - Implement

Installation and configuration of new equipment

PPDIOO - Operate

Day-to-day network operations

PPDIOO - Optimize

Proactive network management and modifications to the design

What document from the Design Phase is constantly updated?

Project plan

3-layers of hierarchical network design?

Core, Distribution, Access

Core layer characteristics?

Fast transport, high reliability, redundancy, fault tolerance

L3 switches, equal-cost paths

Distribution layer characteristics?

Policy implementation, VLAN routing, broadcast and multicast domain definition, demarcation between static and dynamic routing protocols

L3 links to core, FHRP protocols

Access layer characteristics?

Layer 2 switching, port security, STP, NAC, PoE, QoS tagging

L2 switches, potential L3 to distribution

Switch domains?

Router domains?


Bypass straight to forwarding


Enables fast uplink failover on an access switch


Enables fast convergence in distribution and core lapers

Loop Guard

Prevent an alternate or root port from being the DP is BPDUs are lost

Root Guard

Prevents external switches from becoming root

BPDU Guard

Disable PortFast if BPDU is seen

BPDU Filter

Suppresses BPDU on ports


Cisco Group Management Protocol - Controls multicast at L2. Routers communicate to L2 switches about multicast hosts

IGMP Snooping

Switches listen to IGMP messages, if a host sends a query to the router, the switch adds the host to the multicast group and permits that port to receive multicast traffic

When do you prototype?

After design and before implement