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Fixed Indexed Annuity Rate Increases – Great American

Interest Rate and Purchase Payment Bonus Increase

Great news! We are excited to announce the following interest rate and purchase payment bonus increases:

Fixed indexed annuity rate increases
Rates are increasing for the following fixed-indexed annuities effective as of June 7, 2015:

  •     •American Custom 10
  •     •American Valor 10
  •     •American Legend III
  •     •Safe Outlook
  •     •Safe Return







Please note holding account rates are effective June 21, 2015.

American Valor 10 bonus doubled

Effective today, June 8, 2015, you can offer your clients a 4% bonus with the American Valor 10 fixed-indexed annuity. The bonus will be added to all purchase payments received in the first three contract years. Learn more here!

The 4% purchase payment bonus will be applied to all American Valor 10 contracts issued* on or after June 8, 2015

Fixed annuity interest rate increases

Rates are increasing for the following fixed annuities effective today, June 8, 2015!

  • Secure American
  • SecureGain 5
  • SecureGain 7


Please see the interest rate chart for details.