Fixed Indexed Annuity Rate Increases – Great American

Interest Rate and Purchase Payment Bonus Increase

Great news! We are excited to announce the following interest rate and purchase payment bonus increases:

Fixed indexed annuity rate increases
Rates are increasing for the following fixed-indexed annuities effective as of June 7, 2015:

  •     •American Custom 10
  •     •American Valor 10
  •     •American Legend III
  •     •Safe Outlook
  •     •Safe Return

Sources of Guaranteed Income







Please note holding account rates are effective June 21, 2015.

American Valor 10 bonus doubled

Effective today, June 8, 2015, you can offer your clients a 4% bonus with the American Valor 10 fixed-indexed annuity. The bonus will be added to all purchase payments received in the first three contract years. Learn more here!

The 4% purchase payment bonus will be applied to all American Valor 10 contracts issued* on or after June 8, 2015

Fixed annuity interest rate increases

Rates are increasing for the following fixed annuities effective today, June 8, 2015!

  • Secure American
  • SecureGain 5
  • SecureGain 7


Please see the interest rate chart for details.