Annuities Beat Investments for Guaranteed Retirement Income

Using annuities with guaranteed income features creates lifetime guaranteed increasing income that cannot be outlived.   Look at how the income quickly drives down the account value even when earning a 4.00% fixed rate with no negative years.   How long would $407,000 last for a 60 year old couple if they could earn investment […]

Nationwide GUL II Update

  Effective November 11, 2013, Nationwide will increase their pricing for their YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee Survivorship UL II product. Contact BSMG for transition details.

Genworth GenGuard UL Changes

Mutual of Omaha – GUL Improvement

  Effective November 1, 2013, Mutual of Omaha will improve their competitive position of their Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) product.  Here is a summary of enhancements: Improved preferred risk class positioning; very competitive dial down rates for ages 100 and 105; very competitive lifetime guarantees; ages 45-75 on an age last birthday basis and at $250,000, […]

Inherited NQ Annuity Reference Sheet

DEATH OF HOLDER (OWNER) OF NON-QUALIFIED (NQ) ANNUITY IRC Section 72(s) … “Inherited” NQ Annuity A)    Spouse Designated Beneficiary … Distribution Options at Death 1.      5 year rule (includes lump sum) … IRC Section 72(s)(1) 2.      Life expectancy rule (Annuitized distribution must start no later than        1 year after the date of death of the […]

BSMG's Fall Summit on Retirement provided valuable information and compelling data to help brokers have productive conversations with their clients

Preparing Clients for Retirement:   Speaking Effectively to Your Clients About America’s Greatest Financial Challenge   Some 10,000 people reach the age of 65 each day, resulting in a marketplace with more than 80 million clients holding in excess of $15 trillion in retirement assets. These numbers are expected to hold steady for the next 17 […]