tioTERM Announces New Milestone in Growth

Providence, RI – December 5, 2012 –Brokers’ Service Marketing Group (BSMG), developers of tioTERM (now Vive) , announced a new milestone as they surpassed the $3 billion mark for life insurance face amount written through tioTERM.


This milestone reflects the company’s strength, creativity and leadership position bringing unique and valuable solutions to market. Achieving explosive growth, the tioTERM division has consistently exceeded their sales goals every month by as much as 120%. tioTERM users can expect similar growth in their business as well as greatly improved efficiencies as tioTERM continues to innovate and enhance the platform.


Advisors everywhere are looking for a solution to save them time and money, and that’s what tioTERM was built to do. Orders for life insurance can be placed faster and more easily than ever before, in just 10 minutes per case, allowing users to devote more time to their most valuable business activities.


“We have a passion for this business. Every month we raise our standards and are continuously striving to offer even more to our clients. Our mission is to help bring much needed life insurance protection to the vast uninsured and underinsured segment of the American public. We do that by helping Insurance Producers and Financial Advisors run their business in a quick, easy, hassle free manner.” says Andrew Hamill, Senior VP of tioTERM.


Just this year, tioTERM has added three leading carriers and launched a BGA branded version with several agencies who are now able to offer the benefits of tioTERM to their producers. BSMG expects this growth to continue and even accelerate as more institutions, individual users and brokerage agencies sign on to tioTERM.

* * *

tioTERM is a product of Broker’s Service Marketing Group, a leading brokerage agency headquartered in Providence, RI. BSMG has a 40-year history of providing superior service and unique customer solutions for life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance.


To learn more, visit our website at www.tioTERM.com or contact us at 888-456-3223.