tioTERM Launches System Enhancement

Providence, RI – tioTERM, a division of BSMG, recently announced a system enhancement which now allows for direct data feeds of application information to BGA agency management systems. This added feature will further streamline the processing of tioTERM orders for BGAs by saving on data entry for every case. The latest of many new features planned for release allows tioTERM to maintain a leading position with their online term life insurance platform.


This new enhancement cuts down further the already minimal amount of manual work required by BGAs, creating a virtually zero-touch process. By reducing costs and removing inefficiencies from new business operations, tioTERM frees up resources, allowing agencies to capture additional revenue.


“With tioTERM, our growth plans are focused on putting our customers in a better competitive position by providing them with a system that their producers need to grow their business.” says Andrew Hamill, Sr. VP of tioTERM. “In the end, our focus is to provide clients with much needed insurance protection, and when producers can do that easily and profitably, everyone wins.”


Agencies all over the country have begun the conversation with tioTERM about how this system can help them grow their business. The ease of use, speed and profitability that comes from an online platform is unbeatable, and tioTERM is the only truly complete option on the market.

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Broker’s Service Marketing Group is a New England based brokerage general agency with a 40-year history of providing superior service and unique customer solutions for life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance.


To learn more about tioTERM, check out our website here.