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RDU Case Results

What is Risk Differentiation Underwriting?

Risk Differentiation Underwriting (RDU) is looking at an individual, rather than using the law of large numbers. It’s simple with BSMG and RDU, we get you results that others simply cannot. We work directly with you, your client and your client’s corps of physicians to separate their individual risk from an otherwise statistical/actuarial grouping.

Success with RDU hinges on understanding four key facets:


Identify the unique pieces of each engagement and examine the details in the medical history to ensure that the case qualifies for the RDU approach.


Engage the client and their corps of physician care on the differences between insurance medicine and clinical medicine. The medical evidence must merit differentiation in order to deploy RDU.


Understand the budget to align a successful RDU result with the client’s financial expectation.


Explain the important sequence of events in the process to the client. This allows them to understand how they can impact the underwriting result and the eventual premium on their life insurance policy

Who Is RDU For?

RDU Slider
  • Affluent clients with impacting medical history and access to quality clinical care.
  • Clients with a significant and clear life insurance need.
  • An established life insurance professional who “always puts their client first.”
  • A projected minimum annual premium tolerance of $25,000.

BSMG’s Risk Differentiation Underwriting expertise is exceptional and unparalleled. By recognizing, developing and communicating case medical data, Brokers’ Service positions me as an informed underwriting advocate with the ability to engage and represent my client with confidence and conviction.

– Rich Dunsmore, President, Arons & Dunsmore


We understand that obtaining life insurance for a client who has a health issue can be challenging and time-consuming, at the very least. It’s critical that you have an underwriting partner who has years of experience, solid relationships with all of the leading carriers, and a proven track record in helping brokers, like you, successfully place cases.


The primary goal of Risk Differentiation Underwriting is to  “always do the good and right thing” and to recognize that “the client always comes first.” Advisors bring our team of experts to the table to talk with their clients about the most personal and intimate details of their lives —their health and their mortality. We do not accept what is immediately apparent as final—rather, we dig deeper and go beyond the APS—for you and your client.


A fully educated client in the nuances of insurance medicine vs. clinical medicine.

A fully educated client in the nuances of insurance medicine vs. clinical medicine.

A more amplified and complete mortality risk for the insurance carrier.


Why We Do It

Our goal is not to change the way Home Office Underwriters and Medical Directors assess risks; rather the aim is to recognize when a particular case exhibits qualities which are different from a more standardized version of the same risk. As a result, RDU becomes a powerful market differentiator for you, the advisor.

Delivering favorable underwriting results when assisting affluent clients with difficult clinical conditions can indeed be a significant challenge. OUR TEAM CAN HELP YOU.


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